Scholarship Programs

Radwan Family Scholarship
Information pending – Check back on April 5, 2019

Qader Family Scholarship
Every year, GIS offers different types of scholarships to its families. One scholarship is known as the Qader Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by the Qader Family for children of new converts to Islam. The only requirement to apply is that at least one of the student’s parents must be a new convert to Islam. This scholarship is available to students entering grades K-8 and is based on academic excellence.  
You do not have to be a current GIS family to apply. It may cover the entire year’s tuition or be divided among several winners. 
In order to apply for the scholarship, follow the instructions for application. 

Madeha Lahsin Scholarship

To honor Sister Madeha Lashin for her many tireless years of selfless service to our school, the School Board has created The Madeha Lashin Scholarship Award (MLSA) in 2003. Sr. Madeha is one of the early pioneers who taught at GIS from the first year and helped to build its foundation. She was then entrusted by our community to serve as Principal, where she devoted many years of her life to strive for her dream of making GIS among the highest ranks of Islamic schools in North America. May Allah Taala reward Sr. Madeha for the many generous years she dedicated in serving our school. MLSA is aimed at rewarding outstanding Muslim character and academic excellence. Students who are in 6th – 8th Grade with a GPA of 3.7 or above on 1st Trimester report card are eligible. The students should have Excellent Behavior/Character/ Discipline Record (No more than 3 yellow slips.)