Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Bylaws of the
Granada Islamic School (GIS) Parent Teacher Organization
(A GIS Volunteer Committee)

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Article 1. Name

The organization shall be called the GIS Parent Teacher Organization hereafter referred to as “the PTO.”

Article 2. Objectives 

The PTO charter is to:

  1. Support the GIS Vision, Mission and Objectives
  2. Advocate for the educational, social, and emotional needs of GIS students
  3. Raise funds to support programs and activities, which support the goals stated in (1) above and in coordination with the GIS Principal/Head of School and Fundraising Committee
  4. Encourage a home-school partnership by facilitating communication between parents, teachers, and students.

Article 3. Membership

Section 1. Membership in the PTO includes all parents and legal guardians of children attending Granada Islamic School, all students of Granada Islamic School, all faculty and staff of Granada Islamic School, and all administrative personnel of Granada Islamic School.

Section 2. The voting membership shall be the same as the membership as defined in Section 1 of the Article.

Section 3. This organization shall be non-commercial and non-partisan. It shall not involve or endorse:

  • Any commercial enterprise
  • Any candidate running for a GIS Board position
  • Soliciting funds in any other entity name besides “Granada Islamic School”
  • Any GIS Human Resources decision, like the hiring or termination of any GIS employee including teachers, administrators, Vice Principals, Principal, head of school, etc.
  • Any activity, including petitions, to undermine the governance, structure and operations of GIS

Article 4. Meetings

Section 1. PTO meetings shall normally be held monthly or on need to basis. All meetings shall be posted and open to all parents, guardians, teachers, and staff.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or upon the request of two PTO officers and/or committee chairpersons.

Section 3. The PTO Chair has the right to cancel any meeting due to inclement weather or other similar circumstances. PTO meetings will not be held on days in which GIS is not in session. On some occasions, like winter and summer breaks, holding meetings may occur with at least two weeks prior notification to the PTO members.

Section 4. Meetings shall be conducted using Roberts Rules of Order (Newly Revised, 11th Edition). Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the GIS PTO.

Article 5. PTO Officers

Section 1. The PTO officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinators.

Section 2. If any officer’s position is unfilled, the PTO shall strive to elect someone to that position at any meeting throughout the year.

Section 3. All members except members/officers of any organization that GIS derecognizes, faculty, staff, and administrative personnel as defined in Section 1 of Article 3, shall be eligible  to serve as an officer.

Section 4. The PTO officers will hold the position for a minimum of 1 year and for a maximum of four consecutive years. New nominations for all officers shall be elected at the May meeting by majority vote of participating members. Candidates for the offices will be nominated during the April meeting. The general school population must be notified, including a description of the nomination process. Nominations for an office will remain open until the election is held. Nominations and voting for Chair and Vice-Chair shall be combined with the office of Chair going to the top vote-getter and the office of Vice-Chair going to the second highest vote-getter.

Section 5. Newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities on the first day of summer vacation each year. At the May meeting, appropriate documents will be prepared by the PTO Chair and Secretary in order to transfer responsibility to the new Committee Members on the appropriate date.

Section 6. No officer shall ever share in any form, transfer, sell for a fee or for free, while  serving or after, any GIS confidential information with any individual outside the GIS PTO, Admin Team or GIS Board. Confidential information includes but not limited to, full, partial, or individual GIS Parents, Students, Employees, Volunteers, and Donors contact information.

Section 7. No officer shall ever use in any form, while serving or after, any confidential information to solicit any service that is not permissible under these and GIS Bylaws, unless approved in writing by GIS Head of School/Principal, or GIS Board.

Section 8. No officer shall establish, be an officer or support any organization that is in clear conflict or in direct competition with this PTO.

Article 6. Duties of Officers

Section 1. The Chair shall:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the PTO.
  2. Organize committees and assign duties.

Section 2. The Vice-Chair shall:

  1. Act in behalf of the Chair at such times that the Chair is unable to preside.
  2. Become Chair in the event that the Chair steps aside.

Section 3. The Secretary shall:

  1. Keep minutes of all PTO meetings and attend to all correspondence.
  2. Publish notices of all meetings and agendas.
  3. Provide ballots of any election of officers.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect all funds and deliver to GIS Board Treasurer, GIS Principal/Head of School or GIS Business Manager at the earliest.
  2. Give a monthly report to the PTO and GIS Principal/Head of School, itemizing all financial activity.
  3. Maintain monthly records of account activity including revenues, expenditures, expense receipts, end of month balances of all accounts, and obligated but undisbursed funds.

Section 5. Volunteer Coordinators

  1. Highlight and advertised volunteer opportunities
  2. Organized and Managed volunteer cards

Each officer is responsible to attend all PTO meeting unless the Chair is notified prior to the meeting.

Article 7. Financial Expenditures

Section 1. All PTO expenditures except as provided in Section 3 of this Article will be approved by the membership at a regular monthly meeting, and by GIS Principal/Head of School.

Section 2. All PTO money shall be held in the same bank account(s) that GIS uses.

Section 3. To facilitate expenditure planning, the PTO Treasurer will complete a yearly budget and funding plan which will be presented to the PTO membership and GIS Principal/Head of School at the October meeting for modification and approval.

Section 4. To facilitate expenditure planning, GIS will provide up to one-third (1/3) of the activity fees money for the PTO operation. Left over money at the end of the school year will automatically go to the General Fund of GIS. Up to $1500 can be rolled over to the following year. The GIS Board Treasurer will decide the exact roll over amount while preparing School’s budget.

Section 5. Officers can spend up to $50 without prior approval from the committee and will be reimbursed after submitting actual receipts for the expenditure.

Article 8. Method of Financial Support

Section 1. The PTO shall be a GIS Volunteer Committee, supported by the parents, teachers and school community

Section 2. The PTO shall raise funds by donation, solicitation, and special projects as approved by the membership and GIS Principal/Head of School.

Section 3. Money obtained to support a particular activity or project shall only be used to support that activity or project.

Section 4. The PTO can request from GIS Principal/Head of School the dedicated Students Activity Fees to use for students related activities, pending that all activities are pre-authorized and receipts for all expenditures are handed to GIS Principal/Head of School no more than 3- days from the end of the activity.

Section 5. The PTO fiscal year shall begin on the first day of July and ends on June 30 of every year.

Article 9. Amendments and Modifications

Section 1. The articles of this Bylaws may be amended or modified to serve the best interest of GIS, at any time by GIS Board with a simple majority vote.

Section 2. Any or all officers of PTO can be removed from their post at any time by GIS Board with a simple majority vote.